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Host course of 'The Masters Tournament'
Boxer: Former name Cassius Clay
Original Olympic venue
Its invasion sparked 1980 Olympic boycott
Australia vs England cricket trophy
Who won the first 'Iron Bowl' (1893)
The largest soccer stadium in the world
Ladies US Tennis Open winner 1979/1981
Ballpark used by the San Francisco Giants
Oldest active trophy in international sport
Jockey: Won U.S. Triple Crown twice
1996 Summer Olympics venue
Mens Wimbledon winner 1975
Three under par on a golf hole
Legendary Dallas Cowboy: 1994–2005
NBA's all-time leading scorer
FIFA World Cup winners in 1978/1986
1992 Winter Olympics venue
Disgraced Tour de France 'winner'
Internazionale's main rivals
Africa Cup of Nations 1990 winners
1995 UEFA Champions League winners
New Zealand's rugby team nickname
'Hammer': American baseball right fielder
F1, IndyCar, World Sportscar Champion
Sport played by the 'Geelong Cats'
Home arena of the Orlando Magic
Won their first World Series in 2002
Toxophily is better known as which sport
Nationality of skier Franz Klammer

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