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______ fever: virus spread by mosquitoes
Skin darkened by sunlight
Shoe, often made of deerskin
Scented shrub used in perfume
The color of envy
Professor in Clue
'_____ Stripes': Meg and Jack
Gene Hackman movie: _______ tide
Type of Melon
Wintery precipitation
French liqueur made by Carthusian Monks
'______ 5': US pop-rock band
'Four-color printing' color
Dessert: Key ____ pie
Prickly plant: emblem of Scotland
'Fifty Shades of' color
'Arsenic and _______': Cary Grant movie
Showy plant cultivated for ornament or rarity
South American country: capital Lima
Small dabbling duck
Roald Dahl's Miss Beauregarde
Great Barrier Reef material
Military color
A gift of the Magi
Shrub with drooping purple or white flowers
Blue beryl gemstone
'Deep ______': Smoke On The Water band
Branch of the armed forces
Barbie Girl pop group
Actress ______ Miller: 'Layer Cake' and 'Alfie'
Cereal grain cultivated worldwide
Mediterranean fruit
French mobile network operator
Food produced from cacao tree
Element: chemical symbol Ag
Glossy red fruit eaten in salads
US singer: Alecia Beth Moore
Sockeye and Chinook are varieties
Textile made from the flax plant
'Back to _____': Amy Winehouse album

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