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Sockeye and Chinook are varieties
Blue beryl gemstone
Shoe, often made of deerskin
South American country: capital Lima
Prickly plant: emblem of Scotland
'_____ Stripes': Meg and Jack
A gift of the Magi
'Back to _____': Amy Winehouse album
'Arsenic and _______': Cary Grant movie
Gene Hackman movie: _______ tide
French liqueur made by Carthusian Monks
Professor in Clue
Glossy red fruit eaten in salads
Great Barrier Reef material
Showy plant cultivated for ornament or rarity
Cereal grain cultivated worldwide
Textile made from the flax plant
Actress ______ Miller: 'Layer Cake' and 'Alfie'
Mediterranean fruit
Shrub with drooping purple or white flowers
Wintery precipitation
French mobile network operator
Branch of the armed forces
Barbie Girl pop group
Small dabbling duck
Roald Dahl's Miss Beauregarde
Military color
'Four-color printing' color
Dessert: Key ____ pie
'Deep ______': Smoke On The Water band
Food produced from cacao tree
'______ 5': US pop-rock band
Element: chemical symbol Ag
______ fever: virus spread by mosquitoes
The color of envy
Type of Melon
US singer: Alecia Beth Moore
'Fifty Shades of' color
Skin darkened by sunlight
Scented shrub used in perfume

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