Missing Words: Similes A and B

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Can you name the missing 'A' and 'B' words in these similes?

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'A' Word
As ________ as apple pie  
As ______ as quicksilver 
As _______ as a cow on ice 
As _____ as a monkey 
As _____ as Robinson Crusoe 
As _______ as the pyramids 
As _____ as a wasp 
As ________ as time itself 
As ____ as the Sahara 
As _____ as two peas in a pod 
'B' Word
As ____ as a beaver 
As _____ as a bat 
As ______ as a button 
As ____ as a baby's bottom 
As _____ as a nut 
As ___ as an elephant 
As ____ as brass 
As ______ as watching paint dry  
As _____ as a lion 
As _____ as ebony 

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