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ClueRe wordRe-
One inclined to literal truth and pragmatismRea
Uprising against an established governmentReb
Period of temporary economic declineRec
Disparaging term for rural US laborerRed
Ridge of jagged rock, coral, or sandRee
One who officiates at a game or matchRef
Series of boat or yacht racesReg
I said, 'No, no, no' Amy Winehouse trackReh
Japanese form of complementary medicineRei
Dismiss as inadequate or inappropriateRej
Stir up the flames (again)Rek
Sporcle categoryRel
Recall something that had been forgottenRem
ClueRe wordRe-
One who deserts or betrays organizationRen
Happen one more timeReo
Ronald Reagan or Arnold SchwarzeneggerRep
Mass for the souls of the deadReq
What you might do with a great bookRer
Place where meals are served to the publicRes
Withdraw from one's occupationRet
International news agencyReu
A dish best served coldRev
Make a gift of, in recognition of serviceRew
The reigning kingRex
The capital of IcelandRey
What men do before leaving the washroomRez

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