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Nautical sounding butterfly
Highest state of emergency
Red (poisoned) fruit given to Snow White
The Bolsheviks during the Russian Civil War
Royal Air Force aerobatics display team
Manfred von Richthofen's nickname
They transport oxygen around the body
Most popular energy drink in the world
Brassica also known as blue krau
It's rolled out for VIPs
British soldier, during the American Revolution
Organization that cares for the wounded ...
Thomas Harris' novel or Welsh flag creature
Small, old, relatively cool star
Chinese packet with a monetary gift
Flight leaving very late at night
Flushed with embarrassment or anger
Animal (Vulpes vulpes) associated with cunning
Large star of high luminosity
Member of 1960s youth movement in China
How the criminal was caught!
Clue, that is misleading or distracting
Heated (esp of metal) to a high temperature
Outdated term for Native American
Amount by which cost exceeds revenue
Fictional serial killer on 'The Mentalist'
Largest mammal native to Australia
Medium-large bird of prey
Fictional material from the Superman mythos
Chain of Seafood Restaurants
Beef or lamb for example
Alleged danger to the West from the USSR
Extreme anger that clouds one's judgment
Working-class white person
Like Rudolph
Tom Clancy's Typhoon class submarine
Used as garnish on hamburgers and salad
Small arboreal mammal native to China
Pungent, podlike fruit of several varieties
Alice Through the Looking-Glass character
He came Bob-bob-bobbin' Along
Emblem of the House of Lancaster
Doomed extra in Star Trek
Professional baseball team based in Boston
Excessive bureaucracy or adherence to rules
Discoloration of coastal waters (algal bloom)
Drink made from dark-coloured grape varieties
Detroit professional hockey team
Canis rufus: near extinct native U.S. animal
Area of a football field

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