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Young upwardly mobile professional
Take place; occur
Eminem, 2Pac or Jay-Z
Give what is desired or needed
Color with streaks or blotches
Peregrin Took's nickname (Lord of the Rings)
Small projection on the breast
Artificial figure manipulated by the hand
Late-night dinner
Cluster of seven stars in Ursa Minor
Commonly used as a spice or condiment
Capable of moving or bending freely
Metallic element
Cut off the branches from a tree
Small wave on the surface of water
Japanese name for Japan
Drank (something) by taking small mouthfuls
Military engineer who lays or disarms mines
Small endearingly sweet child
Fall down, as if collapsing
Small child or the claw of a crustacean
Jack the Whitechapel murderer (1888)
Fastener for your jeans
Cured herring (or other fish)
Electrical device that kills bugs
Miss Piggy or Kermit
Large thick-skinned herbivorous animals
Drink (intoxicating liquor) repeatedly
1960s advocate of love and peace
Caused (a balloon) to burst

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