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MeaningWord or Phrase
User of hashish (Arabic)
*Black beast (French)
The king has died (Arabic)
*Already seen (French)
*Terrible child (French)
*Accomplished fact (French)
Teacher (Sanskrit)
Holy Day (Old English)
Intellectual élite (Russian)
Council/Meeting (Spanish)
Worthless art (German)
Wolf-like (French)
Shrine of the Muses (Greek)
MeaningWord or Phrase
Near dweller's building (Old English)
Poppy juice (Greek)
*Foot on ground (French)
About forty [days] (French)
Hard work (Czech)
Bald head (Norse)
Elevated wasteland (Russian)
Nowhere (Thomas More)
Spirit/Demon (W. African)
Appetite for travel (German)
Wood sound (Greek)
*Day of atonement (Hebrew)
Empty place/desert (Arabic)

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