Phonetic alphabet: missing words

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Can you name the phonetic alphabet missing words?

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_____gram: Unit of weight
Genesis album: _____
_____ beans or butter beans
Charles M. Schulz character: _____ Brown
Battle of _____: 1775 battle
Ford _____
A Connecticut _____: Mark Twain inspired musical
Booker Prize winning novel: _____ du Lac
Madonna song: _____ don't preach
Guns N' Roses song: _____ rain
Irish traditional song: _____ in the jar
Alfa _____
Burt Lancaster movie: _____ dawn
Amanda Seyfried: Letters to _____ actress
Volkswagen _____
System bats use to navigate: _____ location
English punk band: _____ Spex
_____ Leigh: Vera Drake director
Australian singer-songwriter: _____ Goodrem
_____ Wilkes: Gone with the Wind character
Marlon Brando movie: Last _____ in Paris
_____ Hugo: poet, novelist, dramatist
Johnny _____: US animated TV series
South African athlete: _____ Pistorius
If it requires a _____ it's a worthless endeavor (Carlin)
Internet 'answer engine' Wolfram_____

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