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NudgeNudge ...
Close and open one eye quickly
Soft return in tennis
Eat out at a restaurant
Fermented juice (usually grapes)
Shine or flash intermittently
Singer: Just Give Me a Reason
_____ and needles
Where miners work
Small islands, especially in rivers
Social insects of the family Formicidae
Archaic term for 'once'
Over again : once more
Was familiar or acquainted with
Is familiar or acquainted with
What Frosty is made of
Publicly exhibit
Purchase goods
Vessel that travels on water
NudgeNudge ...
Beat severely; flog
Very small part or amount
Questioning word
Informal conversation
Thin layer covering something
Be priced at
J.J. Abrams television series
A decline in amount or activity
Cuts lumber, as in forests
Carries with difficulty
Squeezes (someone) tightly
Jackman, Laurie or Hefner
In a lofty position
Exhale audibly
Use the language of the deaf
Welsh form of Jane
Connery, Bean or Penn
Unwilling to give or share things

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