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DefinitionWordAlternative Definition
A hot beverageThe person upon whom one coughs
When one celestial body obscures another What a barber does
To look at the scene of an accidentWhat you do to relax your wife
Without sufficient attentionForgot you were wearing a nightie
Ill-temperedAble to drive a military vehicle
In an unplanned, haphazard fashionImpotent
A grotesquely carved figure Olive-flavoured mouthwash
A clear, watery fluid found in glands (and nodes)To walk with a lisp
Stupid, or illogical talkA rapidly receding hairline.
Pearl containing, bivalve molluskOne who talks in Yiddishisms
Struck dumb with astonishmentAppalled at how much weight you've gained
DefinitionWordAlternative Definition
A male sex organ that produces gametesA humorous question on an exam
Relinquish power (Edward VIII did it in1936)To give up hope of having a flat stomach
One who marries when already marriedLarge Italian fog
A superhero uses this to conceal his identity To be cruel to men
Serenely composedTo look at a calendar
A written acknowledgement of paymentTo sit down again
A pirate, or sea robberAn awfully high price to pay for corn
A company's debts or obligations The capacity to tell fibs
A subtle, usually derogatory insinuationMexican suppository
Capable of being evaded What a bullfighter tries to do
Foggy or hazy (weather)How golfers create divots

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