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Can you name the famous people who are generally known by just one name?

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Ancient Greek fabulist or story teller
English pirate Edward Teach
Queen of the British Iceni tribe
Roman Emperor 37 AD - 41 AD
Roman philosopher: De re publica
Last active Egyptian pharaoh
Italian poet : The Divine Comedy
Dutch Renaissance humanist
Greek tragedy writer: ‎The Trojan Women
Italian physicist, mathematician, astronomer
Bedonkohe Apache leader
Roman wall builder
The Adventures of Tintin author
Japanese Emperor 1926-1989
Hungarian-American illusionist and escape artist
Central figure of Christianity
Italian sculptor, artist: The Creation of Adam
Last ruler of the Aztec empire
French playwright: The Misanthrope
French military and political leader: Waterloo
Emperor who 'fiddled while Rome burned'
French seer famed for his prophecies
Greek philosopher: The Republic
Daughter of Chief Powhatan
Roman military and political leader (consul three times)
Dutch artist and etcher: The Night Watch
French author: The Red and the Black
Egyptian Pharaoh discovered in 1922
Roman poet: Aeneid
French author: Candide

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