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Constructed a barrier across a waterway
______ frites: another name for French fries
Added up two or more amounts
Punctuation marks or butterflies
Experience that is irritating or disappointing
Exaggerated one's acting
Sang with closed lips
Handgrip that a gymnast uses
Widely known or encountered
Dip made of mashed chickpeas
Actor: 'Some Like It Hot', 'The Odd Couple'
Boil slowly at low temperature
Implement for cutting or 'Red Dwarf' character
Turned the lights down low
Warmest season of the year
World War II German field marshal
Disparaging term for a British person
Clumsy, stupid person
Actor in a traditional masked mime
Tool used for striking or pounding
Call for the presence of
Engage in or perform e.g. a crime
The highest level or extreme point
Warm-blooded vertebrate
Chewed without teeth :)
Plural of the third letter of the Greek alphabet
Framework that helps invalids to walk
Squeezed in tightly or made music
Ham, cured or smoked like bacon
Beat, as with the fists

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