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Updated Jan 14, 2013

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0.0352739619 ounces
A cable or trolley car
49ers or Yankees
20 quires (paper)
Move about aimlessly
Used by vehicles
1⁄4 of an acre
Base of a plant
12 inches
Mondeo or Fusion
128 cubic feet (wood)
At a low temperature
Young male horse
40 yards (cloth)
The trunk of a tree
6.0221415×10²³ of ...
1,760 yards
Venus de ____
2.205 pounds
Cause the death of
118 milliliters
Irritate or vex
Spherical plaything
500 pounds (cotton)
Thing that ruins or spoils
The Beatles or the Eagles
4 inches
Back or rear part
Helpful clue or suggestion
1⁄8 of a gallon
Evergreen coniferous tree
2 hogsheads (wine)
Benedict XVI
5 1⁄2 yards
11th US President
Scar left by disease
1⁄4 of a bushel
Large chest muscles
Photos or movies
12 points (type size)
____ Colada
Red and white mixture
0.01 of a chain

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