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ClueMissing Word
Keiko the ____ Whale
___ Tin Tin (1920s-1930s star)
____ Bell the Chihuahua
Babe (played by 48 different ____
Comanche: equine survivor of ______ Bighorn.
Spuds McKenzie the Bud _____ dog
Morris the Cat the 9_____ feline
_____ the first cloned sheep
Geico _____ (advertisement lizard)
Mr. Ed the _______ horse
Greyfriars Bobby who guarded his masters _____
ClueMissing Word
Lassie the Rough ______
_______ the TV dolphin
Champion the _____ horse
_____ the first dog to orbit the Earth
_____: Clinton's adopted White House cat
Wellington' s capital horse __________
Elsa the ____ Free lioness
Barnum and Barnum's elephant: _____
Roy Rogers and ________
Phar ___: Australian 1920s wonderhorse
Dick Turpins mare: _____ Bess

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