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Who was the second man to set foot on the moon
Who was the second man to summit mount Everest
What was Hawaii originally called
Who was the 22nd president of the USA
How long did the hundred years' war last
Name one of the founders of Nike, inc
What is the collective noun for rhinoceroses
How many countries does Laos border
How many landlocked countries are there
Who is the all time leader in MLB at-bats
'Ursus maritimus' is the scientific name for which animal
In which European country would you find Runkelstein Castle
Who scored the winning goal in the 2010 FIFA World Cup final
Rubik's Cube can always be solved in a minimum of how many moves (God's number)
What is dihydrogen monoxide more commonly known as (think about it)
Which film won Best Picture at the 2009 Oscars
How many Ceremonial or Geographic Counties of England are there
How many Academy Awards did Peter Jackson's Return of the King win
A quadrilateral with all sides and angles equal is known as a what
Who played Winston Zeddemore in the Ghostbusters films
Who caught Brett Favre's first NFL pass
Which company makes Pokémon
Who scored 100 points in a NBA game
Which animals are the Canary Islands named after
Who is the grandfather of Fry on Futurama
What is the longest cave system in the world
Which country has the most number of bird species
What NFL team has the most super bowl wins
Which actor's final film was 'Noises Off' (1992)
Which English club has won the European champions league most times
Who did 'Yankees coach' Bud Abbott tell Lou Costello is playing first base
What was Hawaii originally called?

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