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Can you name the people whose name begins MAX or MIN?

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Holy Roman Emperor (1486-1519) 
Vinnie Delpino of Doogie Howser, M.D 
Miles Colby in The Colbys (and Dynasty) 
Main Protagonist in 'Gladiator' 
International cosmetics company 
Belarusian tennis star 
German theoretical physicist 
Secret agent 86 
1930s Heavyweight boxing champion 
Swedish actor starred in The Seventh Seal 
Soviet writer, associated with Moscow park 
Hiawatha's lover (Longfellow) 
Hogwarts Headmistress  
Flash Gordon's main villain 
Cab Calloway hit ('Hi De Hi De Hi De Hi') 
Disney rodent 
Grand Ole Opry comedienne and singer 
'Lovin' You' singer 
Movie character played by Verne Troyer 
Tomboy Beano Comic character 
Good Will Hunting actress 
'The Office' actress, played Kelly Kapoor 

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