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Can you name the five letter words with a K in the middle?

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Twisted toward one side
Popular card game
One who vomits
Sri Lankan and Javan tea
Capital city of Senegal
Rikki-_____-Tavi: Kipling's mongoose
Zero, Light and Original ...
Compare something to
Disciples of Guru Nanak
Rouse from sleep
Untrue despite seeming legitimate
Slang term for jail
Like four and twenty blackbirds
Heath Ledger's Dark Knight role
Country bumpkin
Completely unclothed
One who produces something
L.A. basketball player
LaMotta and Gyllenhaal
Sorcerer's Apprentice composer (French)
Counter used as a gaming piece
Location of Klondike gold rush
Muslim or Hindu holy man
One who inquires
Capital city of Japan
Joint connecting the foot and leg

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