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Can you name the five letter religious answers from their middle letter?

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Middle LetterAnswerClue
APrayer said before or after a meal
BThe leader of a Jewish synagogue
CThe birthplace of Muhammad
DCeremonial meal held on the first day of Passover
EA statement of beliefs
FThe Magi brought three of these
GNeither Christian, a Muslim or a Jew
HA Muslim holy war
IReligious trust or confidence
JHeadscarf worn by Muslim women
LThe second largest religion in the world
Middle LetterAnswerClue
MApostle (Son of Alphaeus)
NIn Roman Catholicism: official church meeting
OChurch singers (or the area they occupy)
POf or relating to the Roman Catholic Church
RThe first 5 books of the Old Testament
SHis life forms the basis for Christianity
TDonation of 10% of income to the church
UWhat Thomas did
VThe major personified spirit of evil
WStructure associated with Babel
YBurial chamber beneath a church

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