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Can you name the five letter historical answers from their middle letter?

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ClueAnswerMiddle Letter
18th President of the United States A
Italian navigator and explorerB
Axis government of France 1940-44C
Greek king of the UnderworldD
Island of the Minoan civilizationE
Noted labor union leader of the IBTF
Dynasty that ruled India until 1857G
First Prime Minister of IndiaH
Epic Greek poem attributed to HomerI
UK Prime Minister 1990-1997J
Site of the Klondike gold rushK
Mexican revolutionary leaderL
'Bloodiest' battle of WWIM
ClueAnswerMiddle Letter
Creator of the Soviet Communist PartyN
Kentucky pioneer and frontier hero O
17th century UK politician and diariastP
Belgian site of three WWI battlesR
Greek writer credited with popular fablesS
Emperor when Pompeii was destroyed T
Most popular name for French kingsU
First President of the Czech RepublicV
The Alamo garrison's co-commanderW
US President 1969-1974X
The land of the PharaohsY
Major WWII Italian battleZ

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