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Thickened and hardened part of the skin
English astronomer of comet fame
Having a space or cavity inside
Go after (someone) in pursuit
Fast-growing cereal plant
Slow sentimental or romantic song
Herbaceous plant with pink or purple flowers
Sheepdog breed
Four quarts (of liquid)
Swell out or bulge, like a sail
Missile shot from an air pistol
Shapeless mass or blob (e.g. ice cream)
Area of land between hills or mountains
It's collected by butterflies and bees
Hammer with a large wooden head
Strike or hit (someone or something) hard
Fatty substance for making candles and soap
'Weeping' tree variety
Joseph: Catch-22 author
Simple machine used to raise or lower a load
Farmland, plowed but left unsown
This person needs a buyer
One who has committed murder
Of a sickly yellowish hue or complexion
Mediterranean merchant ship or warship
Free from harshness (esp. sound and taste)
Lever used to turn a rudder
Large Texan city
Pale, typically because of poor health

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