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Make or set apart as holy
Boneless cut of meat or fish
Twin brother of Castor
Showing ill humor by a gloomy silence
The largest (innermost) toe
Person employed in a bank
The fastest pace of a horse
Metal projectile expelled from a firearm
Those killed in battle
Parchment made from the skin of a calf
Maria: US born Greek coloratura soprano
Popular and attractive girls or women
Nonmilitary facility, where soldiers are lodged
Of or relating to the French
Roar like a bull
Heavy ocean wave or revolving cylinder
Worker that grinds grain into flour
Swan Lake for example
Band of material around the neck
Cushion used during sleep
For he's a jolly good ______
Marine fish or dodgy haircut
Strike the ball before it hits the ground
Room below ground level in a house
Doric, Ionic or Corinthian for example
Helen: blind and deaf author and lecturer
Orson: actor, director, writer and produce
Roll about or lie relaxed in mud

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