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Move repeatedly from side to side
Tapped the phone line
Larva of the housefly
Pulled hard
Foolish or nervous laugh
Informal name for non-meat eater
Throw objects into the air and catch
Wrangle over the price
Short knife
Squeezed (someone) tightly in your arm
One who fells trees
How much is that _____ in the window?
Rolling Stones vocalist
Coat fastening device
Solid lump of a precious metal
Little Pill (album) or Edge (movie)
Old Testament book
Dressed in worn or torn clothes
Scottish dish made with animal's stomach
One who asks for money or food
Gyllenhaal, Smith or Simpson
Sturdy and strong in constitution
Drooped in the middle
One who robs another in a public place
Popular West Indies music
Winnie the Pooh's friend
Part of the Scout or Girl Guides uniform
Flock of geese
Informal term for the head
Argue over petty things

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