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Can you name the celebrities who have insured their body parts?

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Body Part and insurance valueTaken from Clue
Eyes ( $25,000 policy)American cross-eyed (old black and white)comedian/actor
Nose ( $50,000 policy)American Schnozzola
Mustache ($370,000 Australian dollar policy)Australian cricketer
Voice ($6,000,000 policy)American Boss !
Smile ($10,000,000 policy)Pretty Ugly American actress !
Tongue ($1,000,000 policy)American Kisser !
Taste buds ($400,000 policy)Hungarian food critic
Bust ($600,000 policy)American country gal
Body Part and insurance valueTaken from Clue
Chest Hair ($7,000,000 policy)Welsh pussycat
Middle finger ($1,600,000 policy)English rocker (and Roller !)
Butt ($1,000,000,000 policy)Hispanic entertainer
Sperm ($1,000,000 policy)American rocker (and Van driver !)
Waistline ($357,000)American actress (Kim Carnes has her eyes)
Legs ($1,000,000 policy)American actress and pin-up girl (40s 50s)
Ankle ($12,000,000 policy)St. Louis Cardinal Big hitter
Feet ($40,000,000 policy)Irish dancer

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