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Blew hard and loudly
Incompetent or clumsy person
Crisp batter cake often eaten with syrup
Feel pain or be in pain
Be unlike or dissimilar
Small domed cake, often sweetened
Disorder or disarrange (someone's hair)
French engineer who constructed a tower
Box in which a corpse is buried
Polished and made shiny
Neutral zone between two rival powers
Large cylindrical bag of heavy cloth
What Little Miss Muffet sat on
Seabird with brightly colored bill
What you might drink at Starbucks
Numbered tickets to win prizes
Meal at which guests serve themselves
Chest for storing valuables
Trivial nonsense
Caramelized sugar
Totally bewilder or perplex
Restrained with manacles
British slang for a scientist or technician
Deaden (a sound or noise)
Clumsy social errors; faux pas
Morpheme added at the end of a word
Burst of deep loud hearty laughter
Electrician responsible for movie lighting
Caused to become offended or annoyed
Prickly, often poisonous, marine fish

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