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Can you name the explorers in this four-letter word ladder?

Updated Mar 5, 2014

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Hint4-Letter Word
____ the Red (Norse explorer)
Poetic name for Ireland
Smile broadly
An increase in the value of an asset
Mother of Cronus and the Titans
Vasco da ____ (Portuguese explorer)
Competitive activity or sport
Unable to walk without difficulty
Capital city of Togo
Ancient traditions and knowledge
Central part
Bottle stopper
James ____ (English explorer)
Buy (a ticket) in advance
Something helpful or beneficial
Web-footed water bird
Juan Ponce de ____ (Spanish explorer)
Author Tolstoy and philosopher Strauss
To a smaller extent
Euphemism for death
John ____ (English explorer)
Breaks down; decomposes
Chronic drinkers
Hernando de ____ (Spanish explorer)
Han ____ (Star Wars explorer)
Hint4-Letter Word
Marco ____ ( Italian explorer)
US President 1845–1849
Meat from a pig
Mungo ____ (Scottish explorer)
Covering of a tree
Minstrel poet
Richard E. ____ (American explorer)
Barn for cows
Brontë's Jane or explorer Edward John ____
Another name for Ireland
Fraught with extreme danger
United States coin
Lowers the lights
Bartolomeu ____ (Portuguese explorer)
Prejudice for or against one person
Receptacles in which to deposit trash
Tie or fasten (something) together
Regard as important; feel concern about
Soft, dark brown fur
Jens ____ (Dano-Norwegian explorer)
Dip (bread) into drink or soup
Web-footed water bird
Pier; wharf
Socially inept person
____ the Explorer (Animated explorer)

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