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One of the seven dwarfs
Borough of New York City
Slight wind
What one does to pray
Malayan dagger with a wavy blade
Eat up your ______ they're healthy
Wicker baskets used to hold fish
Welcomes in a friendly way
Showing a selfish desire to have more
Trousers made of flannel or gabardine
Breathe with difficulty
The fastest mouse in all Mexico
Sinister: causing sensation of unease
Monterey Jack, Paneer or Gorgonzola
Used as a toast before drinking
Text-based messages or bird sounds
Part of a garment that covers the arm
Dachshund, Siamese and Merino
Actress Ashley or author Graham
Delivery of a baby hind end first
Jason has a golden one
European country
Communication by word of mouth
Bounty hunter shot by Han Solo
Change to ice
One of the seven dwarfs
My heart ______ for you
Swimwear brand
80s TV show Remington ______
Impudent in an endearing way

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