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Can you name the famous people who share a name with one of Jesus' disciples ?

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Jewish Revolutionary: Seleucid Empire
Author: The Scarlet Letter
US Inventor: Phonograph ...
Actor: Capote
Singer: Unforgettable
Author: Ulysses
Author: American Pastoral
Book Character: J. M. Barrie
Author: Do Androids Dream of Electric...
Actor: Lawrence of Arabia
3rd President of the United States
Author: Tess of the d'Urbervilles
UK Heavy Metal Band
Author: His Dark Materials
Author: Murder in the Cathedral
Actor: True Grit
Singer: Duran Duran
Actor: Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Actor: Grease
4th President of the United States
Actor: The Wedding Planner
Cartoon Character: Family Guy
Book title character: Dr. Seuss
Singer: Imagine
Composer: Phantom of the Opera
Composer: 1812 Overture
Actor: Scotty (2009 Star Trek)
35th President of the United States
Actor: Friends
Fictional Character: Ian Fleming
Nursery Rhyme Character: Met Pieman
Actor: Columbo
Arizona Senator: 2008 Presidential Nominee
Royal: Duke of York
Archbishop:Murdered in the Cathedral
Assassin of Martin Luther King Jr.
Actor: Criminal Minds
Cartoon Character: Futurama.
Matt Groening: Cartoon Character
Actor: Rebel Without a Cause
17th President of the United States
7th President of the United States
Scottish-American Industrialist:Steel
TV Personality: American Idol
Actor: Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
Latin America Politician/General

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