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Can you name the words beginning with 'Di' (A-Z)?

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High blood sugar condition
Wooden stick for planting seeds
It helps with spelling
Aboriginal wind instrument
The kinds of food that a person eats
Way in which things are not the same
Flower commonly called foxgloves
Angle formed by two plane faces
503 in Roman numerals
French city famed for its mustard
Harsh, unilaterally imposed settlement
Problem offering two possibilities
Small indentation on the cheek
Reptile of the Mesozoic era
Area administered by a Christian bishop
Sound formed by two vowels
Contact herbicides: Paraquat and ______
Airship, especially with a rigid structure
Infectious viral disease occurring in dogs
Narrow channel dug in the ground
Drug causing increased passing of urine
Famous female opera singer
Hindu festival of lights
The southern US states, informally
Do-it-yourself abbreviation
Having a whirling sensation in the head

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