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Can you name the things that begin and end with 'C'?

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One Word
Predatory reptile or shoe brand 
Lemony or limey ... 
President of France (1995 - 2007) 
______ fibrosis: disorder affecting lungs ... 
Water enema: _______ irrigation 
High quality french grape brandy 
Turnip-rooted celery 
Relating to very low temperatures 
As circles of different size, one within anothe 
Typical of a particular person, place or thing 
Two Words
Highly rated movie with specific group of fans 
An object of religious veneration 
Material seen hanging in a window frame 
Circular object for for storing music, text etc 
Someone who repairs automobiles 
Major Hong Kong airline 
European country 
From Bach to Beethoven 
Outdoor meal for juveniles (and teddies!) 
Former satellite states of the soviet Union  

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