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ToastCountryPossible drink
ŞerefeRaki or Efes Pilsner
GesondheidCastle Lager
SantéPastis or Brandy
FenékigBull's blood or Unicum
Будем здоровыVodka or Baltika
SláinteGuinness or Poitín
TerviseksVana Tallinn
SaluteGrappa or Vermouth
ŽiveliSlivovitz or Jelen Pivo
ProostJenever or Grolsch
SaludMojito or Bucanero
NorocŢuică or Palinka
Na zdrowieVodka or Mead
SaludAsturias or Sherry
TulgatsgaayaKoumiss (Airag)
干杯 (Gān bēi)Moutai or Tsingtao
ToastCountryPossible drink
KippisKoskenkorva Viina
SaúdePort-wine or Ginjinha
ΥΓΕΙΑ (Yamas)Ouzo or Mythos
НаздравеRakia (Rakiya)
乾杯 (Kanpai)Sake or Asahi
ProstSchnapps or Pilsner
CheersWhisky or Ale
SkålAkvavit or Tuborg
Skál/Santanka nuBrennivín or Skjálfti
SaludTequila or Corona
Snake Wine or Saigon
SaudeCaipirinha or Cachaça
Choc teeOou or Krachae
CheersBourbon or Budweiser
MabuhayPalm Wine
Na zdraviBecherovka or Pilsner

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