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Impudently bold or forward
Not active
Silver-white metallic element
Conspirator against Julius Caesar
Former tennis world no. 1 Andre
One hired to kill
Feelings of strong desire
Lowest adult male singing voice
Alternative name for spectacles
Quick gliding ballet steps
He nationalized the Suez Canal
A diplomatic building
Thick dark syrup
Under part of an automobile
Imposing in size
Where school lessons occur
Jewish festival
Capital of the Bahamas
Rope with a noose at one end
Rubbing or kneading of the body
Famous Hollywood dog
Filled with bubbles
190 million-135 million years ago
Traveler riding in a vehicle
Garment worn by priest or chorister
Citizen's identity document
One who intrudes without permission
Knight Rider and Baywatch actor
Christmas beverage
Smooth-haired breed of hound
Undergarment worn by women
Indiscriminate killing of many
Influential Spanish artist (1881-1973)
Siegfried or Vidal
Tuft of loosely hanging threads
Soft leather shoe
A deep fissure
A feudal tenant
Merchant of Venice character
PLO chairman Arafat

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