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A feudal tenant
He nationalized the Suez Canal
Impudently bold or forward
Rubbing or kneading of the body
Undergarment worn by women
Soft leather shoe
Tuft of loosely hanging threads
PLO chairman Arafat
Where school lessons occur
Influential Spanish artist (1881-1973)
Imposing in size
A deep fissure
Siegfried or Vidal
Merchant of Venice character
Knight Rider and Baywatch actor
190 million-135 million years ago
Feelings of strong desire
Rope with a noose at one end
Former tennis world no. 1 Andre
Quick gliding ballet steps
Thick dark syrup
Alternative name for spectacles
Smooth-haired breed of hound
Under part of an automobile
Conspirator against Julius Caesar
Filled with bubbles
One hired to kill
Indiscriminate killing of many
A diplomatic building
Silver-white metallic element
Famous Hollywood dog
Lowest adult male singing voice
One who intrudes without permission
Jewish festival
Not active
Citizen's identity document
Traveler riding in a vehicle
Capital of the Bahamas
Garment worn by priest or chorister
Christmas beverage

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