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Jive talkin'Jive Talkin’ (IJYJT)
I feel my heartbeat, when you run One (YFTMH)
Baby, I can't figure it outLove You Inside Out (YKTLH)
I know your eyes in the morning sunHow deep is your love? (IFYTM)
Smile an everlasting smile, a smile canWords (BYNTM)
In the event1941 New York Mining Disaster (OSHTM)
There's a light A certain kind of lightTo Love Somebody (TNSOM)
Here I lie in a lostTragedy (ALPOT)
There's no fight you can't fight, thisYou win again (BOLWM)
Nobody gets too much heaven no moreToo Much Heaven (IMHTC)
The preacher talked to me and he smiled, saidI've Gotta Get a Message to You (CAWWM)
Well, you can tell by the Stayin’ Alive (WIUMW)
Listen to the groundNight Fever (TIMAA)
My baby moves at midnight, goesYou should be dancing (ROTTD)
Oh, girl I've known you very wellMore than a woman (ISYGE)
I started a joke which I started a joke (STWWC)
Feel I'm goin back to Massachusetts, somethingsMassachusetts (TMIMG)
First I rise, then I fall Seems like you don`t wantFanny (Be Tender with My Love) (TLOTM)
Good morning mister sunshineLonely Days (YBUMD)

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