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The lineNext 5 wordsThe song (with answer initials)
There's no fight you can't fight, thisYou win again (BOLWM)
Nobody gets too much heaven no moreToo Much Heaven (IMHTC)
Smile an everlasting smile, a smile canWords (BYNTM)
Good morning mister sunshineLonely Days (YBUMD)
First I rise, then I fall Seems like you don`t wantFanny (Be Tender with My Love) (TLOTM)
Feel I'm goin back to Massachusetts, somethingsMassachusetts (TMIMG)
Well, you can tell by the Stayin’ Alive (WIUMW)
Jive talkin'Jive Talkin’ (IJYJT)
There's a light A certain kind of lightTo Love Somebody (TNSOM)
Baby, I can't figure it outLove You Inside Out (YKTLH)
The preacher talked to me and he smiled, saidI've Gotta Get a Message to You (CAWWM)
In the event1941 New York Mining Disaster (OSHTM)
I feel my heartbeat, when you run One (YFTMH)
I know your eyes in the morning sunHow deep is your love? (IFYTM)
Listen to the groundNight Fever (TIMAA)
Oh, girl I've known you very wellMore than a woman (ISYGE)
I started a joke which I started a joke (STWWC)
My baby moves at midnight, goesYou should be dancing (ROTTD)
Here I lie in a lostTragedy (ALPOT)

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