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He steals from banks
Watery sound made by a brook
Wept convulsively
Burrowing animal
Broken stones or bricks
Hollow globule of gas
Loud confused noise
Winder for flexible materials
Rectangular paving stone
One who tells lies
Undeveloped fruit or ear of corn
Long strip of fabric (for hair)
What turkeys do
Telescope launched into orbit
Poked fun at (or having vertebrae)
Seized suddenly
Alternative terms for gallows
Pencil eraser
Like a duck's feet
Small arboreal ape
Inexperienced sailor
Eat like a mouse
Move, rock, or sway unsteadily
Deal (with) or work (at) frivolously
J.R.R. Tolkien race
Walk in an awkward way
Small smooth rounded rock
Tool for making seed holes
Calvin's cartoon partner
Australian term for a friend

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