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2 letter words
Short operation ! 
Not down 
Peace organization 
Not outside 
Island(s). abbreviation 
Roman weight 
Edged tool 
Former spouse 
Medical drama 
Alternative word ! 
Not off 
3 letter words
Add a C (to the last word) 
Term for policeman 
Implement for cleaning 
A cartographer's product  
Adult male person 
Pale and sickly 
Journey or passage 
That's the question ! 
Lacking self-confidence 
Rider Haggard book 
'Definite article' word 
4 letter words
Add the letter M 
Move in large numbers 
A group of players 
Bluish shade of green 
Give out playing cards 
A small wooded hollow 
Pretty girl or woman 
Sound of a bell 
Made known by speech 
Tailless frog-like amphibian 
A way or course 
5 letter words
Now add the letter B 
Sit on or hatch (eggs) 
It flows around your body 
Having fair hair and skin 
Lacking in taste or flavor 
A piece of burning wood 
To weave strips of hair 
You are using it now ! 
A skin swelling or sore 
Prost: F1 former champion 
Not for the first time 

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