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Can you name the two word things with the same initials?

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The capital city of EthiopiaA A
Fictional dictator of OceaniaB B
Running over open or rough terrainC C
Confusing speech or jump rope gameD D
A look, believed to cause misfortune to othersE E
Mata Hari or Poison Ivy (Batman)F F
Suspension bridge in San Francisco BayG G
Short period of time when alcoholic drink is discountedH H
A black pigment used for drawingI I
NFL team established in 1994J J
He decreed a stately pleasure-domeK K
Superman's arch nemesisL L
The highest mountain in North America M M
Charles Dickens' third novelN N
An 'event' that is not repeated O O
The boy who wouldn't grow upP P
Turban wearing Teacher at Hogwarts Q Q
Wile E. Coyote's adversaryR R
Knot used to shorten a rope or take up slackS S
Iconic buildings destroyed September 11, 2001T T
Latin name for the 'Red Fox'V V
Eccentric owner of literary chocolate factoryW W
'The Coasters' only number one hitY Y

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