4 letter people ending in O

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Can you name the 4 letter people ending in 'O'?

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Wife and sister of Jupiter
Movie star dog (real name Terry)
World War II Japanese Prime Minister
Queen of Carthage
Nymph spurned by Narcissus
U2 lead singer
Susan Boyle nickname
Von Bismarck's first name
Detective Kojak's first name
US stand-up comedian and TV host
Han or Napoleon
Member of the Jackson 5
Greek Muse of history
Gabrielle Chanel's nickname
Ferrari's first name
Pen inventor László
Léon and Ronin actor
Mother of Apollo and Artemis
Shakespearean villain (Othello)
Roman Emperor
Mrs John Lennon
Ex-Portuguese international footballer
Tragic lover of Leander
13th century Venetian traveler
Inspector Clouseau's manservant
Greek statue: Venus de ____

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