The 2013 News (It Just Can't Be True!)

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Can you find the things we found out in 2013 news stories?

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The pigment gene SPO18CL5 causes tigers to be white
The mathematical chance of meeting your soul mate is one in 10,000
The film Life of Brian remains banned in parts of Germany, but only on Good Friday
Sleep deprived men think women are more amorous than they actually are
The least common PIN code is 0400
Justin Bieber and used to live in the same house as each other
Cuban rescue workers use sniffer cats to find people in collapsed buildings
Wearing camouflage clothing is an offence in Nigeria
There are more deer in the UK now than at any time since the last Ice Age
McDonald's drive-thru staff won't serve people on horseback
The Germans had no official word for French kissing… until now. It's 'galocher'
Scientists still don't really know how bicycles work
There are two hundred escalators in the state of Wyoming
Chimpanzees and orangutans swim a form of the breast stroke
People pour more white wine into a glass than red
Hemingway used a Moleskine notebook
It would have taken 501 seagulls to lift James's giant peach into the air
Until recently the US Army had a requirement that all official messages be sent in capital letter
'Heaven's Fire' was the sweariest expression in medieval times
Qantas' Sydney to Dallas service is the world's longest commercial flight at 8,568 miles
The pope used to work as a bouncer
'Russian flu' got its name because of the Cold War
There are no examples of sneezing in the bible
Ampersand was once an actual letter which followed the letter Z in the Latin alphabet
There's a Kenyan tradition of running naked at night

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