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ClueMissing WordA-Z
American _______ of ArtsA
The Montgolfier ________B
Lord's _______ groundC
___ GiovanniD
New _______'s Dark DayE
Marriage of ______F
______ WashingtonG
Battle of Guilford Court _____H
________ Kant I
______ II, Holy Roman EmperorJ
______ Island, AlaskaK
_____ XVI of France L
______ on the BountyM
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Bank of _____ AmericaN
Titania and ______O
The Treaty of _____P
Haydn String ________Q
House of _______________R
________ of the BastilleS
Northwest _________T
______ discoveredU
_______ capital: Thang LongV
Bourbon _______W
__ Ursae MajorisX
Cornwallis defeated at ________Y
Slave ship ____ (massacre)Z

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