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__________ pearlsA
Cyrano de ________B
____ Town, South AfricaC
The ____ of Orleans D
_______ Go-Sai of JapanE
_____ shilling British coinF
_______ MonckG
Cape of Good ____H
Spanish _______ Maria TheresaI
_______ captured by EnglishJ
Swedish King ____ X GustavK
Our ____ of CzęstochowaL
The Taj _____M
___ AmsterdamN
Lord Protector ______ CromwellO
The ________ clockP
_____ Kristina, SwedenQ
____ DescartesR
Battle in _____ Cruz BayS
_____, Saturn's largest moonT
Russian annexation of _______U
_______, LithuaniaV
Long Parliament, ____________W
Innocentius _X
Thirteen _____ WarY
___________ CossacksZ

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