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New Model ____A
Montreal, _____C
Ming _______D
Plague _________, ScotlandE
Academy of Åbo, _______F
_______ GalileiG
_____ of Lords abolishmentH
Pope ________ XI
______ JenkesJ
Polish capital: ______ to WarsawK
Saint Maarten, _______ IslandsL
_______ barometerM
Rembrandt's 'The _____ Watch'N
Christmas Island, Indian _____O
______ IV of SpainP
Religious Society of Friends (_______)Q
_________ and Parliamentarians R
Earthquake of _________ ChileS
Murad IV sultan of ______T
Pope _______ VIIIU
___ Diemen's LandV
English Civil ___W
Louis ___X
Frans Francken the _______Y
Abel Tasman in New _______Z

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