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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Mepeham __________ of CanterburyA
______ of Burton BridgeB
Ely ________ DisasterC
______ ComedyD
______ IIE
______ in EuropeF
______ ArchitectureG
Louis IV ____ Roman EmperorH
War of Scottish ____________I
______ Expulsion from FranceJ
Decanski ____ of SerbiaK
__________ of Alexandria DisasterL
Mansa Musa's ______ PilgrimageM
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Ingeborg of ______N
Oriel College ______O
Lokietek King of ______P
_____ IsabellaQ
______ the BruceR
______ Shepherd's CrusadeS
____________ Lake TexcocoT
Pastoureaux __risingU
_______ as Capital (Lithuania)V
_______ of OckhamW
Pope John ____X
Hugh Despenser the _______Y
Louis I Relinquishes _______Z

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