Michael Scott Misquotes

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Can you name the correct word or phrase that Michael Scott was trying to say?

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Michael says...He means...Episode
convalescencesThe Alliance
approachablerEmail Surveillance
nebuloseBooze Cruise
protruberanceThe Injury
omniscientDrug Testing
philandererCasino Night
Queer as F***Gay Witch Hunt
prod...progidalThe Convention
effortla-lesslyThe Convention
documenter-anBranch Closing
introspectivetionThe Merger
epipheryBen Franklin
bisexualThe Negotiation
Michael says...He means...Episode
sedimentarySafety Training
R-E-S-P-S-V-TWomen's Appreciation
DEFCON 10The Job
coupeLocal Ad
afterbirthDinner Party
TDBNight Out
youthanizeJob Fair
migraine workerJob Fair
N3PGoodbye, Toby
x-axicksThe Surplus
urkelnomicallyThe Surplus
Cupid's SparrowBlood Drive

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