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DefinitionWordPart of Speech
what remains, after the useful part is extracted: The _____ of tea leaves in the bottom of your cup cannot foretell the future.
accidentally, happening by chance (good): Elizabeth met Darcy quite _____ in the gardens at Pemberley.
ashamed, embarrassed: He was _____ when I caught him with his hand in the cookie jar.
glowing, bright: Her bright eyes were _____ in the moonlight. I had to kiss her.
haughtily, arrogantly: The art dealer rolled her eyes _____ when we asked if any pictures cost less than $1,000.
showy, pretentiously: Caroline paraded through the mansion, _____ showing off her home.
vague, not making distinctions: His _____ use of bad language will hurt his career.
burial cloth: An environmentally friendly burial uses just a _____, not a coffin.
resting: Estella was _____ gracefully on the park bench.
a thought or reflection: His _____ about word origins distracted me from learning vocabulary.
DefinitionWordPart of Speech
draw out, extract: The detective tried to _____ information about the deceased from the family.
honest, open: Let me be perfectly _____. Some cooking lessons would help you.
permeate, to spread throughout: A distinct odor of mothballs seemed to _____ the room.
poutily angry: 'Don't show me that _____ face, young lady,' said Mom.
shyness, reluctance to speak: Don't let your natural _____ keep you from speaking up.
honor, tribute: The people paid _____ to Queen Elizabeth before the play began.
fortunate: Weddings should be _____ occasions!
wisely, in the manner of a wise man: He nodded his head _____, as he thought of the perfect answer.
persistent: Dad was an _____ tinkerer; he was always inventing new machines.

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