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DefinitionWordPart of speech
(disappointed) confusion: 'How could I miss that question?', she asked with _____.
proud, conceited: Darcy was sometimes considered _____ and proud, but he might have just been shy.
found innocent (by a court): Magwich would never be _____ of his crimes.
arrogant disrespect: When he asked her for a date, he was shocked by the _____ in her reply, 'I'd as soon go out with a tree fungus!'.
to cause to be created: No interest was _____ by the idea of going out for pizza.
placed between two things, intervened: 'Stop hitting him!' she said, as she _____ herself between the bully and me.
united, mixed combination: Snickers bars are an _____ of chocolate, nuts, and caramel.
careful examination, review: He made a thorough _____ of the contract before signing it.
fierce, cruel, untamed: The criminal gave him a _____ blow.
DefinitionWordPart of speech
evoking sadness: The funeral was filled with _____ music.
of marriage: The newlyweds enjoyed _____ bliss.
to move forward boldly (or: to fake a signature): The explorer wanted to _____ ahead while it was daylight. Or - Don't _____ your parent's name on a permission slip.
enormously, tremendously (good): For a small animal, that pig could eat _____.
a protest or objection: He made no _____ to my accusation.
despondent, sad: After Estella married Drummle, Pip was _____ for months.
a questioner: The interrogation seemed endless as the _____ kept me on the griddle.
inconsolable, dejected: He was _____ over his inability to fix the muffler.
depressed, hopeless: Pip was _____ after Magwich's arrest, even though Magwich himself was resigned to his fate.

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