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Martin Vanger2011/ USA
Professor Andrews 2011/ UK
The manager2010/ Norway
Oz2010/ USA
Ulrik2010/ Norway
Bob Macclestone 2009/ USA
Commander Maximilian Richter2009/ USA
Birger Brosa 2008/ Sweden
Bill Andersson2008/ UK - USA
Birger Brosa 2007/ Sweden
Bootstrap Bill2007/ USA
Francisco Goya 2006/ USA
Bootstrap Bill2006/ USA
Hrothgar 2005/ USA - UK - Iceland
Father Lankester Merrin 2005/ USA
Father Merrin 2004/ USA
Cerdic 2004/ USA - UK - Ireland
Joseph Kaspar 2002/ USA
Tyrone2002/ USA - Germany
Terrence 'Terry' Glass 2001/ USA
Dr. Wilhelm Furtwängler 2001/ UK - France - Germany
Tomas2000/ UK - Norway - Sweden
Alec2000/ France
Jim Whitlock 1999/ USA - Australia
Gregor1998/ USA - UK
Tappan 1997/ USA
Prof. Gerald Lambeau 1997/ USA
Jonas Engström 1997/ Norway
Harry Olsson1996/ Sweden
Raoul Wallenberg1990/ Sweden - Hungary

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