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This happenedWhen?
Viking attack on Lindisfarne
Battle of Hafrsfjord
King Olav killed at Stiklestad
King Sverres excommunication by Innocens III
Magnus Lagabøte (Magnus the law-mender) dies
The Black Death comes to Bergen
Eric of Pomerania krowned king of Denmark, Sweden and Norway in Kalmar
The Reformation introduced in Norway
Peace of Brömsebro
Absolute monarchy introduced
This happenedWhen?
Great Northern War (Denmark-Norway participation)
Strilekrigen in Bergen (Stril=the fishers/farmes outside Bergen)
Kiel Peace, Constitution, Union with Sweden
Laws introducing local government (Formannskapslovene)
Parliamentary system introduced
Union with Sweden dissolved by referendum
Women's suffrage introduced
Occupation by Nazi-Germany
Norway joins NATO

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