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Can you name the 35 of the most famous norwegians (all deceased)?

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OccupationNameKnown for
ExplorerSouth pole
ExplorerNorth pole
ExplorerCrossing oceans whith primitive boats
ExplorerViking settlements in America
Author, poet, playwrightWomen's rights, cooking, bunad tradition
AuthorNobel Prize in Literature
Historian and playwright1684-1754
Author, poetNobel Prize in Literature
PoetFought to allow Jews into Norway
PoetNorges Dæmring, Digte
Author, poetOne of 'The Four Greats' - Ja vi elsker
Author, poetOne of 'The Four Greats' - Familien paa Gilje
AuthorOne of 'The Four Greats' - Gift
Playwright, poetOne of 'The Four Greats' - Peer Gynt
Philologist, poetFounder of 'nynorsk'
ComposerMusic to 'Peer Gynt'
Musician, author, poetTeskjekjerringa
OccupationNameKnown for
Film makerAnimated fairytales
Painter'Bjerk i storm'
Painter'Kampen for tilværelsen'
Painter'Vårnatt i hagen'
Painter'Nøkken', 'Skogtroll'
Sculpturer'Monolitten/The Monolith'
ScientistDiscovered the Lepra bacteria
InventorInvented the cheese slicer
FolkloristFairytale collector
FolkloristFairytale collector
PoliticianPrime minister x3
PoliticianThe first Secretary-General of the UN
PoliticianTraitor and nazi
War heroNaval officer in the Great Northern War

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