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What is the equation for..The equation is...
Kinematics Equation acc not zero: v^2 =
Power =
momentum =
Work =
Period of a Spring =
Kinematics: angular velocity =
Rotational Kinetic Energy =
Torque =
relate velocity and angular velocity: v =
Kinematics Equation acc not zero: v =
Rotational Inertia = SUM of
Friction force (less than or equal to ) =
Angular Momentum =
Universal Gravitational Energy =
What is the equation for..The equation is...
Gravitational Potential Energy
Rotational version of Newton's 2nd law: Torque =
Kinematics Equation acc not zero: x =
Net Force =
Impulse =
Kinematics: angular displacement =
Hooke's Law: Spring Force =
Relate Period and frequency: T=
Kinetic Energy =
Elastic Potential Energy =
Universal Gravitational Force =
Centripetal acceleration =
Period of a Pendulum =

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