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Clues From BasilThe Mistress's Work
Insult given to a male who suffers from a lack of ability in the more physical aspects of confrontation
Would you like some crumpets with your massacre?
Pardon me, but what time do you have?
I seem to have forgotten the answer to this question...
But I don't feel like taking my medicine today.
Not exactly what you're thinking, you Motley crew.
I prefer them older myself, but we can't argue with the doctor now, can we?
Smoke in my eyes and ash under my nails. Drat that dang match again!
Clues From BasilThe Mistress's Work
A vulture, if you will.
A small beacon at the end of the corridor that only seems to sink me further into despair.
No bigger than my pinkie, easily misplaced, but Oh! the excited to be had when it's found.
All the devils are here!
Can we hear that tiny glow again?
Shall it be bed time for the sweetest friends?
With the closing of one book comes the...
The only way we seem to have is forward.

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