AE311 Exam 1 Review (The Eye)

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Can you name the terms described below for vision and the human eye?

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Vision which is experienced during dim moonlight (no color vision, cones have shut down)
Inside layer of the eye
Hole formed by the iris - changes size based on light level
White portion of the eye
Receptor cells which determine night vision
Jello-ish liquid found on the inside of the eye
Process of focusing on an object
Loss of near focus
Vision factor dealing with different light brightnesses against each other
Adding all primary colors together gets you what color?
Visual act of seeing two different objects of different color have the same color under the same light
Vision factor depending length of time to read something
Muscle which controls pupil size
Determines pupil size
Inside part of the eye which gets cloudy with age
Deficiency in one or more cones
Focuses light to the back of the eye (Location of photoreceptors)
Vision factor dealing with different colors interacting with each other
Three primary colors
Part of the eye which focuses and concentrates on smaller detail
Part of the eye where you cannot see something
Outer most part of the eye where light hits first
Vision which experiences normal color vision (usually daytime levels)
Receptor cells which determine color vision
Vision which is experienced in low light nightime exterior environments (some color vision)
Visual system of our eyes processing information faster or slower depending on light levels
Vision factor dealing with the height of objects or fonts
Liquid like area between cornea and iris

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